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    • Ozzy Osbourne - Believer (SÖZ)

      [Daisley - Osbourne - Rhoads] Watching the time go And feeling belief grow Rise above the obstacles People beseech me But they'll never teach me Things that I already know (I k
    • Testament - True Believer (SÖZ)

      Do you believe in the darkness below Well I can summon them up If you really want to know As I tow the line between bad and evil Nothing can touch me now True believer Born in sin w
    • Smash Mouth - I'm A Believer (SÖZ)

      I thought love was Only true in fairy tales Meant for someone else But not for me Love was out to get to me That's the way it seems Disappointment haunted All my dreams And then I saw her
    • La Rocca - Non-believer (TÜRKÇE ÇEVİRİ)

      She belongs somewhere else, away from my side So run with what you got, and chase with what you need I believe the faithful fell, didn't know their way back So far away from home, but brother we'
    • Rhett Miller - The Believer (SÖZ)

      Activity killed you When are you gonna find half of things That you knew in your body were wrong I wanted to be friends with you Now I have come to find it was mistaken In passion nobod
    • Believer - Unite (SÖZ)

      [K. Bachman, J. Daub, D. Baddorf, H. Kraft] Rise up, so you can take a stand against the schemes of evil Courage, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power Struggle, not for flesh and
    • Crosse Clay - Sold Out Believer (SÖZ)

      Mark Heimermann, Clay Crosse and Regie Hamm You can live your life in a different world Spend your time lookin' for a different girl Carry on like there ain't no tomorrow You can take your mind to
    • Ultravox - True Believer (SÖZ)

      Maximise your potential Utilise the influential Come take my hand I`ll make you a true believer Fantasize you're in heaven Realise your religion Fall into line Pay for your redemption Chor
    • Jordan Sass - Make You A Believer (SÖZ)

      (Jordan / Neigher) Let me tell you all a story 'bout this time I was down and out Just goes to prove there's always a light on But if you look you'll find it's inside of you So I want y'all to lis
    • Jimmy Wayne - True Believer (SÖZ)

      Nobody but me to blame For losing all this love Hope is the greatest expectation And i never knew how to give up Hand full of promises i can't hold Old Love letters that just might Who mig
    • Believer - Extraction From Mortality (SÖZ)

      [K. Bachman, J. Daub, D. Baddorf, H. Kraft] What good would result for a man By gaining the world but losing his soul? Love not the world Or the wrath of the Father you will behold
    • Kill Hannah - Believer (SÖZ)

      It took eight years just to realize No one looks when we say goodbye Dying just to survive It feels like the first time All the things that you set aside All the friends that you le
    • Bobby Bare - You Made A Believer Out Of Me (SÖZ)

      Lovers yes I guess I've had a few I've played the game like lovers do in the night alone Feelin's they never meant a thing to me I never knew how love could be until you came along You mad
    • Monkees - İ'm A Believer (SÖZ)

      I thought love was only true in fairytales Meant for someone else but not for me Love was out to get me That's the way it seemed Disappointment haunted all my dreams Then I saw her
    • Believer - Sanity Obscure (SÖZ)

      The end of time is drawing near The angels prepare for the harvest Separation of the wicked and righteous The corrupt the fire infest Sifting of humanity Extirpation of the heathen
    • Believer - Wisdom's Call (SÖZ)

      How long, will you, simple ones, love your, simple ways And continue to reject the calling of wisdom? Fools mock, at making, amends, for sin You fools detest turning from evil Does not
    • Dir en grey - The Fatal Believer (SÖZ)

      Mieteiru kai? fukidashita shikkoku no daichi Waite deta gishou, gizen, saikou daro? I've been tainted - You are stunning and I just want you Yaketsuite hanarenai Sousa koko ni fukaku fuk
    • Aimee Mann - True Believer (SÖZ)

      nightly, you retrace your steps again to return to the scene of the crime it's uncanny how you hover in the air of the wreckage that you left behind I want you but you're a poltergeist I want yo

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